пятница, 15 ноября 2013 г.

Friday bottle spam #6

Wow, here's next post about my latest hauls and I would like to start with 2 l'oreals from USA. They're a part of autumn 2012 collection:   
113 Hyde Park - medium leaf green creme
115 Notting Hill Blues - blue shimmer
2 vintage L'oreals from Jet-Set series:

415 - dark royal blue shimmer with slight purple reflect
265 - charteuse base with white, pink and blue duochrome shimmer
And again vintage:
145 - sky blue shimmer
345 Cosmic Vert - rich green shimmer with blue undertone
Laquiresist 200 Emperor - bold blue creme
A pair of Maybelline's Colorama polishes:
19 Marshmallow - white pearly polish
29 Acid Drop - vibrant blue shimmer
Last time I try to collect all interesting Pupa polishes, so I have a nice stuff of them in every haul :) So here is 5 pretties from Natasha Antallex:
612 Vintage Red - a part of summer 2010 collection, rich red creme
719 Teal Blue - precious bright blue creme from autumn 2011 collection
900 Emerald Green - light pistachio creme from autumn 2010 collection
901 Smoky Brown - milk chocolate creme from autumn 2010 collection , looks darker on nails
902 Mist Grey - medium grey creme with subtle white shimmer
And my latest haul - 4 violet Pupas:
401 Blue Violet - bright violet creme
402 Ultra Pearly Violet - dark violet base with amount of large silver shimmer
403 Dark Purple - very deep eggplant creme, but not so close to black
406 Aubergine - redly violet creme from autumn 2011 collection

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