пятница, 21 февраля 2014 г.

Friday bottle spam #8

Hiyaaa! I'm back with little changes in blog, but since it's Friday today, I want to continue a bottle spam series. So, this time I want to show and talk about a part of my latest hauls. Sorry, I totally forgot, when and where I got this polishes, some came to me from post office, others was bought at shops, so less words - more photos! :)

Well, let's start with a part of my Catrice collection, that grows like crazy :D
350 Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans - second version, dusty blue creme
400 Blue Cara Ciao - bright blue creme
800 Heavy Metallilac - rich purple shimmer, almost metallic
31 Even More Heavy Metallilac - purple shimmer, darker than previous, with a hint of gloden and red shimmer

660 After Eight - dark emerald green shimmer, a bit blackened
740 King Of Greens - grass green shimmer with golden reflect
890 Genius In The Bottle - classic green-to-gold duochrome (and closer photo below)

250 I Sea You! - light turquoise creme
540 Jade Is Not My Name - another turquoise creme, but a bit darker and more jelly than I Sea You
880 No Snow Petrol - amazing bright blue, a bit teal base with icy blue shimmer
C01 Be Pool - bold teal with golden shimmer
Rimmel Lycra Pro 306 Velvet Rose - dusty pink creme
IsaDora 732 Papagayo Blue - bright blue shimmer with purple reflect, which makes the base color closer to indigo (closer photo next)
Maybelline Color Sensational 805 Green Beetle - forest green shimmer with large particles (closer photo below)
 Next let's take a look on my little collection of precious P2 polishes. It's a German drugstore brand that made and make really pretty polishes. I didn't want to collect 'em, but I've bought a bundle of polishes on ebay and there were 2 P2's Color Victims, and decided to get a bit more :) huh, my inner collecto, I hate you!!! die in hell!!!
220 Hyper - light peachy gold shimmer
274 Glory - antique gold shimmer
248 Rich - dark aubergine base with golden, pink and blue flecks
250 So Cool - light blue/turquoise shimmer with golden reflect
192 Maniac - light yellow creme
530 Charming - pale dusty blue creme
520 Trouble - bright charteuse creme

And just look to close-ups of P2's Rich and Glory. Gorgeous, arent' they? :)
So, stay tuned and have fun ♥

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