воскресенье, 7 апреля 2013 г.

20th Birthday haul

Hi there!!
Oh, I didn't write for so long because I was a bit busy in study and in the end of March I celebrated my 20th Birthday. So now I return back to blogging :)
And in this post I want to show a couple of my last hauls, a part of them is my birthday gifts.
Let's start with lovely Pupa's:
404 - dusty beige with pink shimmer
703 - dark midnight blue with subtle blue shimmer
710 - khaki creme
Next is vintage L'Oreals:
145- pale blue with icy blue shimmer
315 Cosmic Vert - rich green shimmer with a hint of turquoise
200 Emperor - dark blue creme with a bit of violet
Miscellaneous Sally Hansen stuff:
HD 01 Cyber - vibrant violet shimmer
Insta-Dri top coat - my fourth quick-dry mixture, I will compare all of them later
Hard as Wraps Acrylic gel - lovely acrylic base, but LONG drying time
Salon Effects 220 Cut It Out - cute monochrome nail polish strips, will review them as long as end this experiment :)
2 totally summer pretties:
Ga-De 327 Green Apple - hot green creme, almost neon
Rimmel 60 Seconds 270 Shocker - what the shame, Rimmel in my haul again!!! brght pink shimmer
And the last - the package from Nihrida with goodies from her blogsale:
L'oreal Star Magnet Magnetic Grey - charcoal grey with breathtaking fuchsia shimmer
Essence Nail Art Twins 06 Edward - turquoise & holo glitter
Essence Cute As Hell LE Not Just Cute - baby pink creme
Rimmel I Love Lasting Finish 280 Sunshine - bright yellow jelly

4 комментария:

  1. Happy belated birthday, I hope you had a really nice day!
    It's a nice haul! It's funny about the Hard as Wraps, it dries really fast on me :)

    1. Thank you :) Yes, it was the pretty day among the ordinary busy days.
      Wow! I'm so jealous that your nails are friendly to Hard as Wraps, because it's really good treatment for me! :)

  2. Happy Birthday! You got some nice polishes, I'm loving the vintage L'Oreals, and I'm not surprised to see you add more Rimmels to your collection. :-)